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Aibien For PC

* New UI interface
* Add video playback function
* Add video lock function
* Add I2 device alarm-related functions
* Optimize video processing module
* Repair the video black screen problem in some system environments

Aibien FOR PC

How to use Aibien PC Software

We support viewing your camera on the PC. Only supports windows. After successfully installing the client software on your computer, you can use it to manage your camera.
The device must be connected on the mobile app before using the PC software.
Login your account and all the camera will be automatically showed on the PC software.

Aibien PC Software
Aibien PC Software

My cameras 【1/1】View all the devices under your account, click on the device, the right window will display the device.

Click this icon to switch window display type.

Close selected window.
Click this icon to modify the picture quality
Click this icon to set alarm information
Click to see the cameras on the next page or previous page.
Click this icon to change the screen orientation
Click this icon to take a real-time picture
Click this icon to open the screen sound
Click this icon to achieve two-way conversation
Click this icon to record the screen video
Note: The pictures and videos will be stored in *:\VideoFile\

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