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Eye4 is designed for IP cameras, smart WiFi unit, smart home systems from VStarcam.

User manual

How to add Eye4 camera

How to add Eye4 camera

Article for Eye4 camera, Vstarcam camera APPdownload 1. For iPhone, please go to APP Store, for android phone, please open the Google Play or other


  • ONVIF: not support
  • RTSP: not support
  • Web port: not support
  • PC software: Windows , MAC
  • Smart home: Alexa,Google Assistant
  • Cloud storage: Support (additional charge)


Generally speaking, this kind of problem is related to the compatibility between the APP and the phone or computer. The solution are as follows:

1. APP for PC client: Please uninstall the APP(completely remove it from your computer’s local disk, desktop and control panel→program), then download and install a new one and then login APP again.

Note:Please don’t use the default path when download and install the eye4 software, choose a different disk to place it.

2. APP for Smart Phone: Please uninstall the APP, then download and install a new one. please check whether the APP is blocked by any security software, such as Security steward, 360 anti-virus software etc.

3. This problem can also be caused by the server, so if the above two methods don’t work, then please wait for the sever to be repaired and try again later. Thanks!

If the camera cannot connect after the WiFi password being changed, solution are as follows:

Step 1. To reset the camera to factory default settings. You can do that by referring to the guide below:

Cameras that can pan/tilt:

Please reset it as the following way:

Please power on the camera, use a pin or pencil to hold the ‘reset’ button for 10~~30 seconds, then the camera will say ‘reset completed, device will reboot!’, then there would be a clicking sound, all the IR LEDs will be on for a while and then off, then the camera start to do self-checking(pan/tilt), after the pan/tilt finished, the reset finished.

Cameras that can pan:tilt

Outdoor camera:

Please reset it as the following way:

Please power on the camera, use a pin or pencil to hold the ‘reset’ button for 10~~30 seconds, then you will hear a clicking sound from the camera, all the IR LEDs will be on for a while and then off, and you will hear another clicking sound, that means the reset has been finished and it’s rebooting.

Step 2. Re-configure the “ wireless settings ” on the camera

After replaced the router, the camera will display offline. The reasons is that the camera is connected to the previous WiFi network, can’t switch to new WiFi network automatically. We need to setup the new WiFi to the camera. The steps are as follows:

Step 1. To reset the camera to factory settings by referring to the reset guide.

Step 2. After that, please re-configure the camera’s wireless according to the new WiFi network

Note: Before configure the camera to the new WiFi router, we need to reset the camera to factory default.

The problem of camera reboot automatically from time to time is generally caused by network or firmware problem, not caused by hardware.

The solutions are as follows:

Method 1. Network factors

Please check whether there is IP address conflict. Please download IP Camera Finder from the webpage (http://www.eye4.so/download/), then open the Finder, to see if the IP address is overlapped in camera list. If the IP address conflicted with other cameras, please modify the IP to a different static IP.

Method 2. Upgrade camera’s firmware to the latest version

If the above methods does not work, it probably caused by hardware problems, please contact the direct dealer for maintenance.

In PC client, the camera can realize remote wireless connection. You can refer to chapter 8 in the [IP Camera PC Client Function Detailed Instructions](page 9 to 10) to setup the WiFi. However, in Phone APP, we cannot setup WiFi connection remotely.

The cause of the problem:

Generally speaking, the cause is that camera can not access the Internet (Camera cannot connect to internet), Please check whether the wireless router which the camera connected to is working properly. Make sure that you can access the internet when connected to the WiFi of the router.


If the router is working fine, then please check the following information:

1. Check LAN connection. If you can view the camera in PC client, Phone APP and Web client, that means the LAN connection is fine. If you can’t view the camera in LAN, then we can’t view it in WAN.

2. If the camera can be viewed in LAN, please switch to mobile network, check whether the camera can be viewed normally.

3. If the camera cannot be viewed in mobile network, then please change a router to test again.

4. If the camera still can’t go online remotely after changing router, then it must be a problem of the camera’s PNP penetration. It is recommended that take the camera to other network environment to have a try, for example, your friend’s network.

5. If can view the camera normally in other network environment, that means there is a problem with the local penetration of the camera. Then we can not use the UID to access. In this case, please contact the dealer for help.


1. Please make sure the camera get the latest firmware and the APP is the latest one. If not, please update the firmware and APP to the latest version

2. Generally speaking, the issue that the camera can be connected and viewed in LAN, but can not in WAN is cause by software or server, instead of hardware problem, no need to return to factory for repair.

If the camera is online and can Listen, Audio, PTZ control, but can’t display the real-time video, then it must be cause by hardware problems. The solutions are as follows:

1. Reset it to factory default settings, re-configure it and try again.

2. Upgrade the camera to latest firmware.

3. Run the camera in other client, such as PC client, Phone client, Web client, if all operations failed, then it must be hardware problem.

4. If none of the above methods work, then please contact the dealer for replacement or maintenance.

After inserted the SD card, the camera will automatically start loop recording, and will automatically overwrite the old recording files when full, do not need to do extra settings of recording.

If you want to cancel the recording, please select the “24 hours video” , check to remove, if you need to set the recording time, please use the Web client settings, more details, please refer to [IP camera Web client function instructions]

If you want to download SD card video files to your phone local storage, please take the following steps.

Step1: open APP home page–>SD card records–>click download icon

How to remotely download video files saved in SD card

Path to save recording:

Android phone: local storage–> DCIM–>Eye directory iOS phone: in local system album;

The solutions are as follows:

1. Check whether it is inserted in the opposite direction.

2. After inserted, click “format SD card” (format it even if you cannot check SD card’s memory size), reboot camera and refresh it.

3. If the above steps do not work, please change a SD card,(please use genuine SD card), For example, Kingston SD Card, Class 4 and 10 is preferred.


1. If the above methods does not work, you can check the TF card slot on the camera and the SD card. If it proved to be hardware problems, please contact the dealer for replacement.

2. Besides, please make sure the camera’s firmware and the APP is in the latest version. If not, please update to the latest one.

Please reset the camera to factory default settings, the default password of the camera is 888888.

How to reset:

Power on camera, then find out the camera “ reset “ hole, use a pin or pencil to keep pressing the button for about 15 seconds until camera reboot, then the camera will be reset successfully.

If you forgot the password, click “ forget your password “ in Eye4 APP in PC or Phone, enter the email account bound the account, then you will get a verification mail, please follow the system prompts to change the password.


The following data is based on the test of video duration calculation of 64G TF card. The results will be different in different scenarios. For example, recording for static and dynamic picture are not the same. If you set different parameters, the results may different. The data is calculated on the camera’s default stream settings, just for your reference.

1. It can record 16 days when C38 is in 720P mode.

2. It can record 18 days when C7815WIP is in 720P mode.

3. It can record 14 days when C37A is in 960P mode.

4. It can record 10 days when C50S is in 1080P mode.

5. It can record 8 days when C38S is in 1080P mode.

Note: You can choose high-bit stream or low stream image, they take different amount of capacity. Please refer to the specific settings [IP Camera Web Client Function Instructions] SD card record settings

If your camera’s screen blurred or it’s color cast, please follow the guide below:

1. Please reboot camera a few times, or restore cameras to factory default settings, after that, it will be back to normal.

2. If the problem occur again and again, then it probably cause by camera’s sensor problem, please contact dealer or sale man for maintenance or replacement

If you got such kind of problem, please try the following ways:

1. For Pan & tilt Cameras. Please turn the lens slowly until the picture turned clear.

2. Make sure the inner and outer surface of the lens’ are clean, if not, please clean them with a soft cloth.

3. If there is color cast, please login the PC or Web client, to adjust the contrast, brightness, saturation. [You can also try to restore it to factory setting or reboot camera a few times, to see if it works. If the issue happen again and again, then it must be hardware problem.]

Note: If the above ways do not work, it must be something wrong with the sensor in lens board, please contact the direct dealer or salesmen for warranty.

The distance depends on the wireless signal strength of the router.

1. At present, VStarcam IP cameras support 2.4G frequency bandwidth wireless router, don’t support 5G frequency bandwidth.

2. It is recommended to keep the distance within 10 meters.

Note: If the wireless signal of the router is weak, please connect the camera to the router with a network cable. Otherwise, It will make the camera offline.