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HDWiFiCam Pro

HDWiFiCam Pro

HDWiFiCam Pro is a network intercom, allowing you to receive video and audio calls anywhere

your phone has network reception or wifi access.

These are some of the features of the HDWiFiCam

  1. You can view any activity outside your gates at any time
  2. Take pictures and videos of the area outside your gate or visitors.
  3. When a visitor presses the call button it will make a video call to your smart phone.
  4. You can then allow them access to your home by pressing the unlock button on the phone screen

Mode introduction

The device has two modes, Local Mode and Remote Mode.

Local Mode: in this mode,it doesn’t need network. You can directly connect the hotspot released by the device through the mobile phone or tablet client and view it through the app.

Remote Mode: in this mode, a network is required. When the device is connected to the wireless network, it can be viewed remotely and in real time through clients such as mobile phones or tablets.

Introduce two modes of operation (local mode and remote mode).

Local Mode

1. Open the “Settings” item of mobile phone, select “WLAN”, find the corresponding ID number of the device (camera hotspot), select and connect.

Note: camera hotspots can only be found in local mode. If the hot spot cannot be found, press and hold the “R” key for 5 seconds to restore the device to the factory equipment and return to the local mode.

After two minutes, you can see the device hotspot in WLAN.

Local Mode

2. Open the downloaded app: HDWifiCamPro. On the camera page, you can see that the device is connected. Click the device to view it.

Note: If you do not see the camera at this time, you can do the following steps:

Local Mode
Local Mode

Watch the current real-time video

View screenshots taken by the camera

View video files for your mobile device

View camera alarm event record

At this point, the local mode operation is complete. In this mode, you don’t need a network to view.

Remote Mode

When the device is in local mode, the remote mode is realized by operating the following steps.

3. Open the app and switch to the “Camera” page. You can see the label and click. The device can be successfully configured with WiFi by following steps in turn.

Remote Mode
Remote Mode

4. Click “Sure”. The device will restart and automatically connect to the network.

Two minutes later, the device will be connected to the network. If you enter the wrong password during the operation, the device will restart normally but will not connect to the network successfully. You can reset the device to the factory setting and return to the local mode by pressing the “R” key for 5 seconds and releasing it. Proceed from step “1” again.

Common Problem

1. For network name (router name), please do not include special characters, such as “.” ” “-” “/” and so on.

2. The device is offline.

If in local mode, you should not be connected to the device hotspot.

If you are in remote mode, verify the following:

1) Whether the password is entered correctly when connecting to the network.

2) Confirm whether the network name and password have special characters, and the networkpassword should not exceed 11 digits.

3) The equipment is within 5 meters from the router or network. Within 5 meters, the network connection is better.

3. Video resolution

On the client side, you can choose 4K / 2K / 1080, but on the SD card, the video resolution is 1920 *1080.

4. Camera always requires user name and password

The default password for the camera is 6666. If you forget your user name or password, you can restore the camera to the factory settings to obtain the default user name and password.

5. Restore camera to factory settings

Please press the reset button of the camera to release it for about 5 seconds until the camera is restarted.