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ubox app


A new client for power saving intelligent video device

Main Features:

  • – Support user register and binding device to user account
  • – Support power-saving mode and remote wakeup
  • – Support TF recording and cloud recording video
  • – Support notification with a snapshot
Table of Contents

User manual

UBox Camera Common Problems

What are the cell phone and network requirements for the UBox camera? UBox Camera supports mobile operating systems with android 5.0 or iOS10.0 and above. If your phone is below this system, the version will not be used properly and will need to be upgraded. The device needs to be connected to the Internet via WiFi. It needs to support 2.4 G band WiFi router with WiFi delay of no more than 100 mS and a network upload speed of no less than 1 MB / S. Additional relay equipment is required in the environment where the WiFi signal is

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Brand User manual

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UBox Camera

Camera with UBox app

ubox camera
ubox camera