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Yoosee is a charge-free APP custom-made for the new generation of smart home appliance. It adopts the advanced Cloudlink P2P network transmission technology. Remote monitoring can be realized so simply, letting you care about your families and friends at any time everywhere.

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User manual

Other problems – yoosee

1. When checking and updating the firmware, the update failed. (1)Replace the network and check again for updates.  In terms of network replacement, it is suggested

Alarm and push notification – yoosee

1. Unable to bind a mailbox to get alarm notification (1)Enter Settings in web mail and start SMTP service. (2)In the alarm mailbox binding page, input

Monitor is unavailable – yoosee

1. The camera is offline (1)Remove the memory card, power off and restart router and camera (no need to reset), then confirm whether it can be

Failed to add camera – yoosee

1. How to reset the camera? Press the Reset on the camera for 5-10 seconds, it will give a voice tone of “Reset successful” or sharp noise if

Account and Password – yoosee

1. Can not receive the verification code when registering Yoosee with phone number or email? (1)Only two verification codes can be obtained within 24 hours. (2)Ensure






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Smart home:

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Cloud storage:

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yoosee ptz camera
Waterproof Pan/Tilt camera
yoosee waterproof camera
Waterproof camera
yoosee Pan/Tilt camera
Pan/Tilt camera
yoosee Pan/Tilt camera
Pan/Tilt camera

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