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  1. Buster Matthews says:

    I had Icam 365 on my HD since I got the cam but had to install Win 11 on a new HD and now get “wrong password or email” message when I try to Log In! They’re the same ones I have on phone and it’s Still working! What’s going on and how to fix it? It’s really getting frustrating and I need to get rid of this stress. I saw no way to get tech support so I hope this works.
    Buster Matthews

  2. Paul Pollock says:

    Why is it stating FREE and yet you have to put in a credit card details i don’t get it ???????????

  3. vinod babu says:

    you software on mobile fails to start……

  4. COWGIRL says:


  5. Rod Snay says:

    When is smart detect going to be functional again? Had these cams for 9 months and only recording leaf and pool water movement! Bought these for security! Getting pissed here!

  6. Fabien FAGUET says:

    Dear all,

    I uninstalled by mistake app 365cam and vidéo file is empty after réinstallation (No sd card was on the camera). Can you gelp me to find à solution to recover thise vidéos? Thank you!

  7. Dave says:

    Hi, we are having trouble connecting my camera to my WiFi. I have tried several times but no luck. I tried the camera at home and it worked fine but I bought the camera for my second home and I did everything the way I did it at home. I’ve checked the password and it still states can not connect. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

  8. Bob Ludwig says:

    Hi, this is Bob Ludwig and I’m having trouble connecting my camera

  9. Vomund Carl says:

    Need user name and password for computer login I do not remember have to set one up for the iPhone

  10. Mary says:

    How to delete all views at once, also how to view different pictures on rogue sane day. How to get rid of cloud ads?

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