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  1. Fabian blanco says:

    Camera turns on, but the app has stopped working and doesn’t turn on. I have uninstalled and installed, buy nothing. It says it has a bug.

  2. Jane Collins says:

    Camera won’t accept my wifi password. Camera is 1 meter away from router. Can someone tell me why this won’t accept my password

  3. Jane Collins says:

    Following the set up process of scanning and then being told that password incorrect. Camera will not accept my password for wifi. Camera is 1 meter away from router. Can someone help me please

  4. Hello says:

    I can record, but what is saved in my photo is just a blackout video. Firmware version is latest. How do I fix it?

  5. Stephanie says:

    If I purchase cloud space are you able to watch previous videos that were taken before it’s purchase?

  6. Ovidiu says:

    Hi, I had to reset my camera and now I cannot log back in, after trying to scan the code and pairing the device I get an error saying that the camera is binded to another email address (my wife’s, tht I used for buying storage space). But there is no option of unbinding the address on your website when she logs in – what do I do?


    How can I watch SD card event videos?

  8. Lynn Zemeckis says:

    I’m Unable to view my videos without paying for cloud service and I don’t want to purchase storage space & i can save one when i need too. I just want to see them without downloading them. Please advise

    • CLO ANN COLLETTE says:

      The camera seems to be working, but how can I view SD card videos if events?

  9. ArmDM says:


  10. Gamze says:

    Parola mi unuttum nasıl sifirlarim

  11. William L Watson says:

    This is stupid

    Why does’t it record every time it detects something?

    How do I log in to the PC software for my cam365?

  12. William L Watson says:

    Why does’t it record every time it detects something?

    How do I log in to the PC software for my cam365?

  13. William L Watson says:

    How do I log in to the PC software for my cam365?

    why does’t it record every time it detects something?

  14. Conor McWade says:

    I’ve a very simple question. My camera will only work while plugged in. Surely the battery isn’t dead already?

    • Ms C A B S 1 says:

      You need to charge batteries before use. Alternatively you can: use micro USB for cable to a charger. Check specifications first
      Unless your batteries are standard non rechargeble, in which case change batteries

  15. sprin says:

    can ptz work with the software and how ???

  16. Julian West says:

    Hi. Does the Too See app work on Amazon Echo Show version 5?

  17. Gerry Gomes says:

    Need help with window software for my camera’s. Ipad works great but on window can not get past the login screen, will not take my user or password from my ipad account. please help.

  18. Herbert Ulrich says:

    I payed for Premium IT can even be Seen in settings but the App doesnt let me look into past films. I should by Premium.
    What can I die?

    • Stephanie says:

      We’re you able to solvethia and look at previous videos that were there before purchasing the cloud?

  19. James Bentley says:

    can you reset my pass word I forgot it please email or email my password

  20. James Bentley says:

    can you reset my pass word I forgot

  21. Curtiss Wright says:

    How do I run/access the camera and or video without adobe flash player

  22. Tina Zeidane says:

    Unable to view my videos since I didn’t purchase any cloud space. I don’t want to purchase storage space & I don’t want to save videos. I just want to see them without downloading them. Please advise.

  23. Marty says:

    I bought two cameras. One is letting me view my videos for 30 days at no charge. The other is wanting me to pay to look at all videos, even those from today. I am aggravated! How do I fix this? The product is advertised as free. Why isn’t it? I will be going to the BBB soon, if you don’t get this corrected.

  24. Dan Detzer says:

    I purchased a video doorbell from you a few weeks ago and have had problems figuring out how to access & recharge the battery (an email from you said it was at 1 %). Also, how do I install/ attach to the doorframe – glue? tape? screws? And I have also been unable to log in to my account. Please assist

  25. Wissam says:

    Playback is not working, app crashes when clicking view screen.
    Can watch live view only from multiple cam icon.

  26. cecil Lake says:

    I cannot review my videos from an hour, day, week, etc ago eventhough I bought the cloud service yesterday. Why can I not see my videos

  27. Hi, I purchased (3) 5G i-100 pan/tilt screw-in cams, I would like to use them using the software on my pc but not allow the website or any outside source to have access to them…i.e. police or a 3rd party to view them…

    Is that possible?

  28. BCA says:

    I have created a new account with MyCam and regardless of what I do the app states “Incorrect password”. I have even used the forgot password link to change to a different password with the same result, “Incorrect password”

  29. Jim says:

    How do i get the app for a second device, already have an account.

  30. moussa boni olivier says:

    i want to disable the camera my computer to reinstall on my phone

  31. Further to your recent e-mails advising
    ……..”our systems can no longer support free 6 second video storage for our growing user base. We will no longer be able to provide this free feature after 10/22………”

    I’m a bit confused. I don’t use or save video.
    When I’m out, I just occasionally check my cameras to see where my pet is and if he’s okay. This takes only a few seconds.
    Will I not be able to do this anymore? Will I have to take out a payment plan to check on him?

  32. Rick says:

    Can i increase the the record time?

  33. Bundy says:

    Is it possible to leave my Aibien Security Cameras recording 24/7 and not just when I press the record button

  34. alfredo montalvo says:


  35. claudia maria fernandez says:

    May I see the information on my micro SD card on my computer using a USB adapter?

  36. Chrissy says:

    What is alarm drip?

  37. Rod Schroeder says:

    DoHonest S02 security camera stopped working and I am no longer able to connect

  38. Andrew says:

    Hello, My name is Andrew. I bought two of your cameras. I am trying to Log the lifetime warranty information, but the website is not recognized on any of my devices. PC, phone etc. Please advise,Thanks.

  39. Michael J Jackson says:

    No user manual. My camera came with an installation manual and it works fine. I’m looking for a user manual that explains how to use the different functions on my phone. A manual that will tell me everything the camera can, and cannot do.

  40. David parks says:

    How do you save the files from my phone to iPhone directory of videos so I can share them

    Manual is very poor for this device along with app that supports it hdcamwifipro

    Should have the ability to set path for storage on app
    No options in app to do this

    Manual should specify maximum SD card size
    256gb doesn’t seem to work

  41. John says:

    How do you delete files in the app?

  42. Keith Bowers says:

    The volume for the siren is extremely low, is there a way to increase the volume?

  43. Wmega Astorga says:

    Hi, i need some way to change IP on the camera, because change always and i got connected to NVR with another cammeras

  44. Jan Coenen says:

    Camera records every 15 minutes. Continuous recording is off.
    And I can’t read the SD card on my mobile.

  45. Awny says:

    How can find mac address for wificam

  46. Daniel Rodríguez says:

    Someone can help me have a camera Tonton type bullet wifi model TCW50A-2MP I have not been able to watch the videos from the app I have used several from the Ycc365 to the Ismeye and with no achievement to see the videos recorded in the Micro Sd I already put new micro sd and if I take it out and put it on my PC if I can see the videos someone could help me or give me an idea of how Fix this problem in this camera.

    Thank you

  47. Bob Horniblow says:

    the camera does not start recording during an event. Do you need cloud subscription for this feature. I have an SD card in the device. I can manually record though

  48. Jim Neely says:

    I have tried to sign into the app from an iPhone and an iPad without success. The app doesn’t show what I’ve entered and/or doesn’t accept what I’ve entered..
    I’d like to return the product. It isn’t worth the use it like it is.

  49. Michelle B says:

    My camera does not have a “voice” when reset. It will only make a pop sound. Does that mean the camera is broken? Because I can’t get it setup on the app. Please advise.

  50. Michelle says:

    My camera does not have a “voice” when reset. It will only make a pop sound. Does that mean the camera is broken? Because I can’t get it setup on the app. Please advise.

  51. Keyla Rodriguez says:

    I bought two cameras not even a year ago and within like a few months one stopped working where it doesn’t move I can’t control it through my phone I could hear it trying to turn but it doesn’t wanna turn it gets like stuck my second camera I came home and it’s like halfway broken so I had to tape it together in order for it to work it randomly makes the beeping noise like he wants to reconnect too

  52. Gill says:

    I have your ipcam camera (SSAE-147364-DBAEA) list my phone so
    I got a new phone and Forgot my password
    How do I fix that ?

  53. Kevin A E Bown says:

    Hi Is their a dowload for windows 11

  54. David parks says:

    I purchased this as a camera car for my Ho railroad app doesn’t have the ability to allow setting storage location for videos, if saved to phone cannot locate videos Phone except in app

    Why does it not save videos to video under photos

    Also with videos saved on camera how would you transfer video to the memory card plugged in device

  55. rOBERT says:

    I have created an account, and logged in. I have powered up the unit, and it is beeping. I am on your website looking for nstructions. What do I DO NEXT?

  56. Ron Miller says:

    I want to register, can’t find site .

    • Joe says:

      Hi Ron. I contacted the technical support at this phone number. Maybe contact them and get a site to register it? If you find it can you please report. I would be interested in that as well. Thanks. Joe

      833-568-2565 or email community@dotcomproducts.com

  57. Joe Belsito says:

    Hello. I bought the Yl lot camera that you screw into an electrical outlet. I was able to set it up but have a few questions.

    1). When you first screw in the camera, how do you set up the camera to point to a specific area?

    2) When its pointed to a specific area and a motion is detected, the camera follows the motion but does not return to pointing to that original specific area. Isn’t it supposed to?

    3) I been “playin” with the “Rotate Reset” switch but cannot figure out what it does. What does it do? (Quite honestly, the manual is not written very well because I did not see anyplace where this is explained).

    4) What type of SD card is needed for this unit and where can I get one at?

    Thank you

    • Sue Zurenda says:

      joe you need a microsd and it can be from 8-64gbs .. i have a 32gb but its telling me it cant read how big my storage is so im trying to figure
      that out now

  58. Jerry Bryant says:

    How do I register my new WiFi Smart Camera Yi loT? The instructions that came with the unit DO NOT include a web address to accomplish registration or sign in after registration.

  59. Yevgen says:

    Still from last night ECT I cannot access to my cameras because have error: Unknown user name.
    What does it mean ?

  60. Daniel Rodríguez says:

    solar cameras don’t charge me even though it’s a strong sun that might be the problem because they discharge me faster than they charge me

  61. Daniel Rodríguez says:

    The problem has been solved but he did it alone, I don’t know if he would have to check something else?

  62. Alan says:

    How do I insert the storage chip?

    • Daniel Rodríguez says:

      solar cameras don’t charge me even though it’s a strong sun that might be the problem because they discharge me faster than they charge me

  63. Daniel Rodríguez says:

    Hello how are I have a solar camera that I can not see from outside my internal wifi network can tell me if there is a solution to that problem please thank you very much

  64. ian matthews says:

    hi, whenever I make a payment it states that error. but then when I check my bank details, it states that the amount has been deducted. but I made 2 additional payment by accident, can i ask for refund for both the payment

  65. ian matthews says:

    hi, whenever I make a payment it states that error. but then when I check my bank details, it states that the amount has been deducted. but I made 2 additional payment by accident, can i ask for refund for both the payment thank you.

  66. erik dahman says:

    My app stopped saving recordings from 8/11/22

  67. hitech444 says:

    I’m trying to find IPCFinder 1.7.exe. I don’t know what it does exactly… If someone could give me a link or some info about it I would be grateful…

  68. Gene says:

    I bought a camera used and in the process of binding it says it already bound to someone else and need to unbind it before continuing is there a way to bypass this

  69. Kim Watts says:

    I can’t download fc cam or bvcam, suggest me another compatible and interchangeable app.

  70. Tee says:

    I purchased 3 femii home cams and I signed up for the SD card offer with all three cameras and I haven’t received the SD cards or a response back.

  71. Stephan Taylor says:

    Hi so I bought this Femii triton b6 camera used and was told it was reset and should work just fine well it doesn’t. When I try And add it as a device it says that it has been previously binded to some other email and I’ve tried to reset it and nothing ever changes is there anything I can do to use this or should I just throw It away and start Over with something else please help me

  72. Haleem Thowfeeq says:

    I updated to new app version (v4.0) on my iPhone, and now the camera is not showing in tje app. How do i add it back??

  73. Everett Hobson says:

    I need to know what I’m paying for 3.99 not helping with false alarm with insects

  74. Diane says:

    my camera was knocked off line. I have reset the camera, called my wifi provider, they rebooted my router. i HAVE CONFIRMED WITH THE WIFI company, my wifi is up and running and has the correct password. I have tried pairing my iphone with my camera several times and it tells me the wifi password is incorrect. I am so frustrated. Everything I have sent to the camera company they tell me to try I have done it.
    I need help!!

  75. The Tran says:

    Hello, I purchased a used Aibien Gardview Security Camera from a second hand source. The camera is binded to the original owner. I do not have their password to get the camera to connect to my network. I tried to reset the camera mutiple times but but not get it to connect.

    Is there a way to erase the original owner’s information on the camera? Maybe download the firmware?

  76. Araceli Tapia says:

    I bought a camera from a store and its binded by an email already how can i unbind it?

  77. Col Hinton says:

    Easiest way is to add the cameras one at a time. Reset them from the pinhole on top, and add them via the phone app. They no longer work anywhere except the app. If you can refund them and get new ones. I can recommend imou cameras. I have been mucking about with these for over 12 months. Ycc365 app is stuffed and the company won’t help.

  78. Peter Greagg says:

    Sorry, I should have specified that I am using HDWiFiCam Pro app.
    And I have three cameras, and I have added them to my wifi network.
    But only one of the cameras is online.
    The other two cameras are listed on the app, but they are off line.
    How do I get them all to be online at the same time?

  79. Peter Greagg says:

    I have three of these cameras.
    I have configured them to access the wifi network.
    Only one of them is online.
    The other two are offline.
    How do I turn on all three at the same time?

  80. Hy says:

    I want to add Japanese language on Smartlife for PC app.
    Do you have a language file?

  81. Joy says:

    I want to publish my app on your website, what should I do?

  82. Nehal Alkas Alias says:

    Hi friend
    How to alert motion detection to my phone ? I hear no sound or alert in my phone when motion detected by this camera using Yi Lot app,
    Regards !

  83. hailey mosa says:

    hey it wont let me purchase the cloud service and let me watch the videos.

    • Col Hinton says:

      Hailey, I would try to get a refund on your cameras. The company does not answer replies at all and google will not help. I tried everything to get them to help. Nothing.

  84. Col Hinton says:

    Lori, I would reccomend you return your camera if possible and purchase a better model, I Can Reccomend IMOU cameras as a cheap and reliable alternative.
    I ave tried everything to get these clowns to answer to the point of trying to track the company to china. But no one will answer and you cannot get anything done. Other thatn that, you just have to connect the camera through this stupid YCC365 App and hope for the best.

  85. Lori Plusquellec says:

    I’m trying to register my camera and I can’t reach the website. How do I register my camera.

  86. John says:

    I have a clock spy cam and the manual asks for the HDMiniCam app. Can someone suggest another app?

  87. Col says:

    Seems the company won’t do anything, and it is impossible to contact them.
    IF you have a camera from this company, return it for a refund, or contact google and complain about the app company not answering emails.

  88. Kelly says:

    In the last couple of days I’m getting a message when I go to review my videos. The message is in Chinese and it asks you to hit OK. Translation of this message is sample video bigger why am I getting this.

  89. William Mulholland says:

    I have set up model yi-101-8-5g dome camera. Connected and paired OK, can control camera, switch on off OK, have sound but no vision. Using huawei or samsung android phone makes no difference. White screen in app.

  90. Col says:

    Since update to Firmware 16.006.0222 my cameras no longer work, please provide last version of firmware to fix camera.
    I believe I put firmware onto SD card in root directory and power up.

    • Carlo says:

      before the update iwas was using ip cam viewer but since the update that´s not posible anymore.
      a fix please

      thank you

  91. Kristen Kirkman says:

    I am having issues with signing on, and I don’t want to subscribe to the $47 per month experts for a simple login issue. Please help

  92. carlo says:

    is it posible to use third party software on a internal network and use them without internet?

  93. Ras Gloria says:

    Unable to add camera error:
    Devices are connected to server, please later

  94. Scott says:

    I just loaded the app from Play store and it doesn’t send the verification code. Tried 2 email addresses and 1 cell number so far and it will not send the verification code…. Help!

  95. Dennis Knox says:

    I am trying to instal a model pg207 camera and it keeps coming up with invalid QR code no matter what i try,unable to proceed with the installation?

    • Security Manual says:

      This prompt is not common, it is prompted on the app? Better take a picture and show me

  96. Adil Khan says:

    My solar cam no longer works after receiving update.

    Can I have the firmware to.put I tramsfalsh drive and put it in so it update properly and works

  97. Raimondo says:

    Hi, I’ve successfully paired thw cam with my phone and I’ve even configured the wifi connection to my modem. After that, I’ve done a reset in order to configure a different wifi. I’m able to pair the wifi cam AP but the apple is not able to cannect to the cam.

    How can I solve?
    Is there an hardware reset that I can do?

    Best regards

    • Security Manual says:

      Hi, I would like to confirm your question.

      You can connect to the ap hotspot of the camera with your Apple phone, but the Apple phone can’t connect to the camera, right?

      There are usually two problems.
      1. it may be that the app is not getting the wifi information.
      After connecting the ap hotspot wait 30 seconds, and try to quit the app to reopen

      2. not open the location, and app location permissions.
      Due to the limitations of the phone system, you need to open the location and app location permissions, the app can get wifi information to connect to the camera.

      Specifically you can check this article: https://www.camapp365.com/why/location-and-microphone-permissions

      • Matt says:

        I also would check the ‘Firewall’ setting. Firewall maybe blocking it.
        I have also noticed that if you have a VPN on your iPhone it will not connect.
        I had to uninstall VPN or disable it.

    • Jim Hoying says:

      The terms of agreement say that I can only have the app on one device. Is that true? It doesn’t do us much good if only I or my wife can see the camera. Can we put it on two or more devices and tie that to the camera?

  98. Peter Evans says:

    Hi, I can’t get my doorbell to charge. Have tried various leads with the correct ends and still no charge. Have tried taking batteries out and replacing but still no progress. Please advise.

    • Security Manual says:

      It may be a problem with doorbell itself.

      • Randall Calvo says:

        I can not connect my hidden camera clock, I have used several apps and I can not. The Wi-Fi network never appears to connect to me


    I bought two Yi dome cameras. Do not have cellphone. How can I control this camera from windows 10 laptop?

    • Security Manual says:

      YI home camera currently only supports adding cameras with cell phones, computers cannot be added.

  100. Chris LOpez says:

    I need to repair my camera aibien firmware.

    • Security Manual says:

      Hi, you need to contact aibien’s technical support.
      Email: support@aibien.net

      • Grace says:


        I was told when I purchased this that it would be free to view videos for life. After 2 months you are trying to charge me £24 a month.

        • Ray says:

          Yes it is. They did same with me and worse thing is they ask for your credit card details and charge you. They will loose a lot of business . I certainly won’t buy there product any more

    • Marmalady says:

      Hi I will try to explain what is happening okay first I am using Android 12 I’ve had the camera a little over 2 days I was having some trouble getting it to recognize a hotspot or getting it to connect I thought maybe The battery needed to be charged or something like that I plugged it in I saw no blue light and according to the manual that means it’s charged but I know it wasn’t but I went ahead and tried to change the mode etc played around with different settings in the app nothing was working I got very frustrated I went ahead and deleted it from the app because I couldn’t get it to factory reset by holding down the mode button it does nothing no light lights up or blinks or turns off nothing happens nothing happens when I try to locate it in the hotspot network area Please someone help me I really like this camera for the very few short hours that I had it I don’t really know what to do or how to factory reset it and it doesn’t seem to be taking a charge when I plug it into charge nothing happens when I try to turn it on the on/off light blinks bright red once then dim red then nothing. . . And that’s all that happens. Please help. I’ll answer any questions I can because I’m sure I made a mess of explaining my issue because frankly I haven’t had the camera long enough to know how to explain what is wrong or what is wrong in fact.

    • Kamal Moore says:

      My camera is not working

      • Linda Alvarez says:

        Why must I pay for help? Why must I provide credit information before getting help? Plus the wrong email is on my camera. How can that be corrected? Most importantly how do I know this is not an SCAM? So as of now I can not view movement at my door.

    • Richard Rackley says:

      Can somebody tell me where the IP number is on this camera

    • Marion says:

      My indicator light is constantly flashing blue, the battery is fully charged. So it’s not that, there’s nothing flashing red, has anyone got any idea why? I can’t find anything in the trouble shooting 😕

    • Hail livne says:

      I have your camera which worked for two months perfectly fine due to a power outage and the internet did not return to operation even though I have an island. I can’t find the reset button next to the TF card, how do I reset the camera.

    • Haim livne says:

      I have your camera which worked for two months perfectly fine due to a power outage and the internet did not return to operation even though I have an island. I can’t find the reset button next to the TF card, how do I reset the camera.

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