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mini camera tutorials

Feature instructions

Different app interfaces are different, but the operation is the same. Applicable to the following apps, HDMINICAM, HDMINICAM PRO, BVCAM, FRCAM, p2plivecam Record video settings 1.Click "Settings" icon , click...

mini camera tutorials

Mini camera pc use tutorial

Software installation 1.1 Find and open the installation program IPCMultiViewSetup. Click: Next > Next > Next 1.2. Click ‘Close’ to finish software installation Software tutorial 1. Open client program directly...


Camera APP

Best Micro SD Card for Security camera

We think the Samsung Pro Endurance is the best choice, designed for use in security cameras to help keep your video files safe, incredibly durable, and backed by a 3-year warranty.

1. Top pick : Samsung Pro Endurance(128GB )

2. Budget pick: Sandisk High Endurance U3(64GB )

3. High Capacity Pick: Sandisk Ultra A1(128GB)

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