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CloudEdge app


CloudEdge is established for providing a set of video service platform for family and enterprise.

You can easily check the real video and playback image of your apartment/villas/shops/factory and office etc site via the “CloudEdge” video service platform;

User Guide


21 CloudEdge Cameras (Buying Guide)

CloudEdge cameras are sold by many different brands, the product description does not say which app the camera uses, so you will be hard pressed

Brand manual

Use the brand manual of the same app

CloudEdge camera

Camera with CloudEdge app

ZS-GX5 - CloudEdge camera
Top pick
DC2L - CloudEdge camera
Budget pick
Bell J7 - CloudEdge camera
Doorbell pick
DC9L - CloudEdge camera
Outdoor pick

Alternative APP

The following apps are developed by the same provider and the camera may be able to use the following apps.