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This is a mobile phone app that is monitored by a wifi battery camera.Using P2P to connect the battery camera, the connection is convenient, quick and practical;As long as the mobile phone is connected to the Internet, you can always know if you have friends, relatives or visitors.

MicroShare has been changed to Mycam

User manual


About account binding

The device can only be bound to one primary account. For other accounts to monitor the device, the primary account must share the device to


Video playback

Enter the real-time monitoring interface. By stretching the timeline below

About Camera

  • ONVIF: not support
  • RTSP: not support
  • Web port: not support
  • PC software: Windows , mac
  • Smart home: not support
  • Cloud storage: Support (additional fee)


Video doorbell \ Low Power Camera \ Battery Camera   \4G camera \ Mini camera \ Solar Camera

MC61 Mini Wifi Camera Wireless Home Security Night Vision 1080P Cam Mycam App Remote Monitor With Mic With Audio Live Feed
Rechargeable camera

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