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SwitchBot Lock: The Complete Manual to Install and Setup

Connect SwitchBot Lock to your phone

Remove the battery insulation sheet. After SwitchBot Lock is powered on, the LED indicator light on the front will blink, meaning that the device is waiting to be paired.

Open the SwitchBot app and tap the + icon on the top right corner of the homepage, choose the lock icon and add your SwitchBot Lock.

Please follow the instructions on the app to complete adding the device.

LED Indicator Light

LED Indicator Light

Blue light flashes slowlyWaiting for pairing/ upgrading firmware
Blue and red light flashPairing failed/firmware upgrade failed 
slowly and alternatelyPairing failed/firmware upgrade failed 
Steady green lightSuccessfully locked/unlocked
Steady red lightLow battery/unusual activity

Install SwitchBot Lock

Before secure SwitchBot Lock, please connect the Lock to your mobile phone and test that SwitchBot Lock can work properly before installing it.

1. Clean the Installation Surface

Before installing SwitchBot Lock, please make sure that the surface for installation is free from dirt or dust as this may affect your device when installing and may increase the chance of dropping at a later date.

Use the wet wipe provided in the package or a cloth with neutral detergent to clean the installation area on your door.

Install SwitchBot Lock

2. Select the appropriate size knob adapter.

There are 3 different adaptors provided, one has already been installed on SwitchBot Lock.

Select the appropriate size knob adapter - Install SwitchBot Lock

Install the thumbturn adapter that fits your lock, once installed you should hear a click.

Confirm the place of installation and direction of the SwitchBot Lock - Install SwitchBot Lock

3. Confirm the place of installation and direction of the SwitchBot Lock.

Confirm the following based on the position of your lock and handle:

  • Sufficient space near the thumbwheel to install the back of the SwitchBot Lock main unit stand.
  • SwitchBot Lock does not affect the use of the door handle.
Install SwitchBot Lock

4. Adjusting the height of SwitchBot Lock

You can match the height of your thumbturn by adjusting the main unit stand.

Open the battery compartment cover, use the Phillips screwdriver to loosen the screws on the stand, pull the stand outwards to change the height.

Install SwitchBot Lock

Place the main unit stand next to your door, but don’t remove the protective layer of double-sided tape yet. For smooth operation, leave a gap of 1 to 2 mm between the inside of the thumbwheel adaptor and the thumbwheel. The knob adaptor should cover more than half the depth of the knob.

Install SwitchBot Lock

Hold SwitchBot Lock firmly, turn the thumbturn and check if you can lock and unlock your door smoothly.

Install SwitchBot Lock

Once confirmed with the appropriate height of the stand, screw all the screws and close the battery case cover.

Install SwitchBot Lock

5. Install SwitchBot Lock on your door

Attention: Please make sure that your installation surface Is tree from dirt and dust. This may affect the lock and Increase the chance of falling later.

Remove the double sided tape on the main unit stand, align the center of the adaptor to the thumbturn’s axis and install it on the door as before.

The axes of some adaptors may differ, please try to align them as precisely as you can.

Install SwitchBot Lock

Push SwitchBot Lock’s main unit against the door for at least 2 minutes.

Install SwitchBot Lock

After installing the main unit of SwitchBot Lock, you must remove the fixing tape on the side of the adaptor.

Install SwitchBot Lock

Congratulations! You have completed SwitchBot Lock’s installation.

Reset SwitchBot Lock to Factory Settings

If you will not be using SwitchBot Lock, please delete it on the SwitchBot app Lock Settings page. Once the device is deleted, all data stored on the device will reset to factory settings.

Please be careful when doing so.

Low Battery Notification

When the battery level drops below 20%, your SwitchBot Lock will notify you by flashing red and making a sound every time you lock/unlock the device.

Please replace the 2 CR123A batteries as soon as possible by opening the battery cover of the main unit.

Last updated on March 14, 2024 7:42 pm

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