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icam365 app


icam365 app


iCam365 network camera management terminal to help connect and manage network cameras

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iCam365 Camera Troubleshooting

You can find here how to fix iCam365 camera can’t connect to wifi, offline and not working problems. How to fix not connecting to iCam365


The iCam365 ONVIF feature allows you to connect your iCam365 camera to an NVR, NAS or any third party device or software that supports ONVIF.

The iCam365 does not use the full ONVIF protocol and in our tests does not support web pages, cannot change passwords and other settings, but you can use rtsp to transfer video and PTZ control.

You will need to set a static IP before connecting to a third-party device, otherwise you will need to manually reconnect more often.
As the camera cannot be set up with a static IP, you will need to set it up in your router.

ONVIF: 80 | RTSP: 554 | Web Port:  not support | User name: admin has no password

RTSP Address: rtsp://youip:554

iCam365 Camera

Smart assistant: Alexa | Cloud storage: Support, extra charge

iCam365 Camera (Buyer’s Guide)

iCam365 offers a range of wireless security cameras designed for different purposes, camera types are Doorbell, Battery Camera, Solar Camera, Bird Feeder Camera and Indoor