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icam365 app

iCam365 For PC

iCam365 For PC only has simple functions, watch live video, view footage, control rotation, voice intercom. Only in the iCam365 app can you set up the camera.

You need to add a camera in the iCam365 app and then log in to iCam365 For PC, you will be able to see the camera.

icam365 for pc

Latest version:

Historical version:

iCam365 For MAC

iCam365 only supports Windows computers, not MAC computers, but iCam365 supports rtsp, so you can use a VLC player to play live video from your iCam365 camera.

Or you can install the iCam365 APP on your MAC, the M series chipset mac supports direct APP installation.

1. Click on Flie, select Open Network, then enter the rtsp of the iCam365 camera

iCam365 For MAC

Use guide

3MP Light Bulb Security Camera 2.4ghz,360 Degree Light bulb Camera Wireless Outdoor Indoor Full Color Day And Night,Motion Detection,Sound Alarm,Easy To Install,Compatible With Alexa With 64GB Card

iCam365 Camera (Buyer’s Guide)

iCam365 offers a range of wireless security cameras designed for different purposes, camera types are Doorbell, Battery Camera, Solar Camera, Bird Feeder Camera and Indoor


iCam365 Camera Troubleshooting

You can find here how to fix iCam365 camera can’t connect to wifi, offline and not working problems. How to fix not connecting to iCam365