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Aiwit Doorbell Reviews (Buying Guide)

Aiwit is an innovative smart doorbell that lets you see who’s at your front door from anywhere. It has a built-in camera and speakerphone.

Note: The biggest disadvantage of the Aiwit Doorbell is that it must use cloud storage and does not support memory cards.

I do not recommend you to buy Aiwit Doorbell.

Which is the best Aiwit Doorbell?

Although there are many Aiwit Doorbell, they are all similar with little difference. The biggest difference is the appearance.
Therefore, it is recommended that you buy the cheapest Aiwit Doorbell.

  1. X8 Doorbell : Doorbell pick
  2. Paso : Outdoor pick

Compare Aiwit camera

ModelTypeLearn more
X8 Aiwit DoorbellX8DoorbellVIEW ON AMAZON
Paso Aiwit cameraPasoOutdoorVIEW ON AMAZON

Aiwit camera pros and cons


  • Human figure detection
  • Easy to use


  • No memory card support
  • Must purchase cloud storage

More Aiwit camera

T8 Aiwit DoorbellVIEW ON AMAZON
Aiwit DoorbellVIEW ON AMAZON
Aiwit Doorbell whiteVIEW ON AMAZON
Boston Aiwit Battery cameraVIEW ON AMAZON

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Comments 13

  1. M EVANS says:

    BEWARE! AIWIT doorbell cameras seem to be Cloud storage only AND YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS CLOUD STORAGE. Better to buy a camera with SD local storage where there are no ongoing fees

  2. C mantle says:

    This door bell is not fit for purpose, when a visitor rings my doorbell it doesnt work but when someone rings my neighbours doorbell mine rings as well. This is really weird. There is no explanation although I’ve tried to get one several times. Also I had no idea I would have to subscribe to the cloud. Taken it of complete RIP of waste of time. Do not buy one of these.

  3. Jerrell Cooper says:

    What kind of charger do I need??? I can’t find anything that fits!!!!!😡😡😡

  4. doug hale says:

    I bought it because it said no subscription. So I complained and said I want my money back. So instead they just gave me the subscription – for only 6 months without telling me that. I complained again, now I just get the run around – clearly not a person messaging me. Even with the subscription the service is terrible, the front of every video is cut off and only 15 sec. The doorbell doesn’t always work and the ipad doorbell hardly ever works.

    Customer service is terrible, the cloud service is damned slow. Image clarity is not so good. Total lousy product and service – don’t buy from Aiwit.

  5. Martha says:

    I just bought my yearly subscription and it’s not working

  6. scott says:

    Over the past 3 days I have sporadically spoken (texted) with 5 different “agents” because the device will not connect to my Wifi (it connected before, but not since I had to charge the batteries). The “agents” have done nothing but give directions found in written instructions and online modules. They do not acknowledge that I wish to return the product.

  7. kenneth d jenkins says:

    what size battery do i need to buy to replace my batteries?

  8. peter murphy says:

    dont bother purchasing this aiwit doorbell as it shuts down your ability to veiw videos the only reason most people would buy it for unless cloud storage is purchased look at other makes ripoff company

  9. Sandra DeVries says:

    I recently bought amazon product B0BPHNY9R


    After selecting Video Doorbell, I have several choices: There is Device Types: N8, R8, T8, etc.

    Which is the the device type of the Video Doorbell that I bought?

    Thank you.

    Sandra DeVries

  10. Anita Hooper says:

    I Recently purchased the Aiwit T9 doorbell, however when I went to remove the security screw I lost it. How can I get a new one?

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