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How To SetUp Aiwit Doorbell Camera (2024 Full Manual)

This manual contains all the contents of Aiwit, how to add it, how to set up the functions of Aiwit cameras, etc. It is constantly being updated.

Aiwit APP Download

Aiwit supports Android and iPhone, you can download it from google play or app store.

Register your account and login

  1. When you sign up, you need to enter email address twice, please enter correctly.
  2. Please don’t use full-width input method to enter the email and password. Please use half-width input method.
  3. If you don’t receive the activation email, please check your email spam box.
  4. The activation link is valid for only 72 hours, please activate in time.
  5. After sign up, please log in to your account. Then you can start to add device under your account.
Register your account and login

How to connect Aiwit doorbell to wifi?

There is insulation tape at the bottom of batteries. Please open the battery door, remove insulation tape, then put the battery back in.

1. Click on the ‘+’ icon, select your Aiwit camera. (The connection method is the same for all cameras).
Below is a demonstration using Aiwit Video Doorbell.

How to connect Aiwit camera to wifi?

2. Press and hold the device button for 8 seconds until the light is flashing red. Enter your wifi name and password, make sure your wifi name and password are correct, then click Confirm.

Note: Most Aiwit cameras only support 2.4Ghz wifi, please connect to 2.4Ghz wifi.
WiFi name and password are case sensitive make sure they are entered correctly.

How to connect Aiwit camera to wifi?

3. Use Aiwit camera to scan the displayed QR code, the distance between phone and device should be about 4 inches (10 cm).

aiwit Doorbell Voice Alert
How to connect Aiwit camera to wifi?

4. Aiwit camera successfully scan the QR code will issue a voice prompt, and then wait for the camera to connect to your wifi.

How to connect Aiwit camera to wifi?

How to share Aiwit doorbell?

You can share Aiwit camera to your family or friends.

In order to receive a sharing invitation, please ask your family and friends to install the Aiwit app and register a new account.

QR Code Sharing

1. Click Settings > Device Sharing, select QR Code Sharing.

QR Code Sharing

2. Let your friends or family add the camera by scanning this QR code using Aiwit APP.

QR Code Sharing

Aiwit account Share

Click Settings > Device Sharing, select Account Sharing.

Enter your friend’s or family member’s Aiwit account to share the camera.

Aiwit account Share

Recording Settings

Aiwit camera does not support saving the video on the memory card, only when the camera is online can be recorded, the video will be saved on the server, that is, cloud storage.

When the camera detects motion, watch video, someone ringing the doorbell or removing the camera, it will record.

Recording Settings

View Camera Recording

Aiwit camera needs to purchase cloud storage to view videos, new users will get free 90 days of cloud storage.
Click Playback to view the video.

View Camera Recording

Motion Detection Settings

The motion detection function is activated by default, you can set the Humanoid detection and detection sensitivity in the Motion Settings interface.

Motion Detection Settings

Motion: Motion detection switch
Motion Alerts: Motion detection notifications
Ring Alerts: Doorbell notifications

Humanoid detection: The camera will only detect humanoid objects.

Detection sensitivity: If you receive frequent error notifications, you can try to adjust the detection sensitivity.
High: Records and notifies you about every motion. shortest bat tery life
Medium: Records and notifies you about motion less often. standar d battery life.
Low: Records and notifies you about motion even less often. ma ximum battery life.

Connect to chime

With the doorbell chime, you can get an instant notification in your home whenever someone rings the doorbell.

Connect to chime

1. Before the setup, please be sure your doorbell has connected to your phone and your chime has plugged into a outlet.

2. Press the Chime Connect Button.

Connect to chime

3. Press the Doorbell Button to pair your doorbell with the chime.

Connect to chime

4. The connection has been successfully made and Chime will now ring when someone rings the doorbell

Common Problems

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  1. Donald Whitledge says:

    I need the two small screws to connect the wires to the back of my await doorbell can you tell me what size the screws are or a part number

  2. Marita Boyd says:

    My device says I need to charge battery how do I do this ?
    I have no cable to plug the device in to charge

  3. HAROLD J YOUNG says:

    so far i can not make the ht50 bulb camera work for me as i put it into my outside light socket

  4. Sue Baskerville says:

    I’m dure my doorbell is possessed it works when it feels like….. my WiFi is good, the app is updated, the batteries are charged but my doorbell will no longer connect to my phone 😑 it just says offline…. I have uninstalled the device & now it will not scan the QR code to re connect its very frustrating & I am ready throw it through the window….

  5. Helen says:

    My aiwit doorbell is connected to WiFi and my phone and working. It’s also connected to my door vhime as the light on the door chime flashes when it rings, however the chime has no sound??? Why is there no sound on my door chime? It worked previously.

  6. Judith Blair says:

    How do I purchase another holder for the aiwit video doorbell . I broke the other and need it to be replaced. I need

  7. Jeffrey Day says:

    Why is my motion alert on my aiwit v5 video doorbell very slow to contact my phone.

    • Mark says:

      Possibly because this is a cheap and nasty doorbell with dreadful reviews. I have one which sort of works- lagging notifications and slow to access when door bell rung, additional chime (needed because my house has multiple levels) frequency un-pairs and no way to locally store videos. Cloud storage only but only free for first year! NOTE: do not purchase after this- many reviews claim that they have done this and it feels to work and cannot get their money refunded. Solution: get a different brand of doorbell!

  8. Han says:

    I possess a Aiken v2.3.8 doorbell. It seems i have to charge a battery, but i cannot open anything to reach the battery.
    The User Manual “User Manual 1.0” does NOT provide any hint to help me.
    The shown photo in the manual is not the same as the actual device.
    Please help

  9. Andre says:

    How do I Cancel Subscriber

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