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Aiwit app


Android / iPhone 

  • Easy to set up your devices in the Aiwit App.
  • Get instant messages when visitors press the doorbell or trigger the PIR motion sensors.
  • Monitor your home in high definition video. See, hear, and speak to visitors from anywhere.
Technical Support: support-us@eken.com

User manual


How To Reset Aiwit Doorbell Camera?

When your Aiwit Doorbell camera encounters offline or malfunction, you can try to reset the Aiwit camera.Resetting the Aiwit camera can solve some software issues,

Brand User manual

Use the brand manual of the same app


ENEK Video Doorbell MODEL T5 User Manual

Manual information Brand:EKEN APP: Aiwit Features Indicator Light Indicator light flashing RED The device is reconnecting to the Wifi network. Please wait. Indicator light flashing


EKEN Video doordell User Manual

Product information Brand:EKEN APP: Tosee Product description 1. PIR Motion Sensor 2. Infrared LED x 6 3. Light Sensor 4. 166’HD Camera 5. Microphone 6.

Aiwit Camera

About Aiwit

  • ONVIF: not support
  • RTSP: not support
  • Web port: not support
  • PC software: not support
  • Smart home: not support
  • Cloud storage: Support (additional fee)