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How To Reset Aiwit Doorbell Camera?

When your Aiwit Doorbell camera encounters offline or malfunction, you can try to reset the Aiwit camera.
Resetting the Aiwit camera can solve some software issues, if it still does not work, then it is recommended to contact your camera support.

Note: Resetting the camera will restore it to factory settings and you will need to reconnect the camera to the Aiwit APP.

Reset Aiwit Video Doorbell

Resetting the Aiwit Video Doorbell is easy, Press and hold the Doorbell button for 8 seconds until the light is flashing red.
Then you need to reconnect the Video Doorbell to the Aiwit APP.

Applicable for those products: T2 , T21 , T23 , N8 , R8/X8 , T8/P8/U8 , V7/V8 , Q8/K8 , F8/M8 , T6 , T9 , V4 , V5 , T3 , T33

Aiwit Reset Voice
Reset Aiwit Video Doorbell

Reset Aiwit Battery camera

Resetting the Aiwit Battery camera is easy, Press and hold the Doorbell button for 8 seconds until the light is flashing red.
Then you need to reconnect the Battery camera to the Aiwit APP.

Applicable for those products: Boston , Paso , R5 , Astro

Reset Aiwit Battery camera

Reset Aiwit Mini camera

Make sure Aiwit Mini camera is powered on. Press the reset button for 5 seconds until the light is flashing red.

Reset Aiwit Mini camera

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Comments 35

  1. Karen says:

    Crap crap crap. You should be ashamed of yourself for selling this piece of crap

  2. Kyle says:

    Absalute waste of miney. Wont scan the QR CODE after deleting my device AS ADVISED FROM THERE TEAM !!!! . BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY EVER

  3. John says:

    I am pretty convinced this video doorbell is straight from the hands of satan. For absolutely no reason it will just stop working then when it finally decides to come back from its break it could be 2 days later or 3 hours hell it even took a week one time. Then, THEN in order to view your camera (which is the reason we bought it right?) you have to sign up for their crappy cloud service, that they say is oh so wonderful, however, i did sign up for it cuz well damn it i wanna see what’s going on, anyhow the video clips, CLIPS are only 30 secs, someone please tell me how you can identify someone doing shit at your house in 30 secs, cuz if you can then you can come be my video doorbell cuz hell evidently you get to take breaks whenever and for however long.

  4. roger jones says:

    Both of my door bell cameras won’t work. Les then a year old.

  5. Emily says:

    This is the worst camera ever my has stopped working after 4hours it is constantly flashing red I’ve charged it tried reset it but that button doesn’t work I’m fuming 😡

  6. Candace says:

    I love the doorbell camera, it worked great for awhile and then I got a new wifi router and it will not work. It will say it’s connected to wifi but then it will say “registration failed”. After about 2 mins it starts saying “entering pairing mode” over and over. Idk what to do from there. Please help 🙏

  7. I moved to a new house and I lost the box to my video doorbell camera and I don’t have the QR code to connect my camera HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  8. Les says:

    Same as D C Horn, the vids won’t display unless i do the cloud storage crap
    Anyway I’ll get rid of the camera and get a decent one that doesn’t try to rip you off

  9. francine vermette says:

    hi I change my internet provider for a otther company now my 2 bell ring dont work and I been try to change my internet access not working how we do that please

    please can you send me explication and video please thank you

  10. Mr D C HORN says:

    Well what can I say about this so-called door bell. It worked to start with then the app kept telling me it was not connected. You could stand at the door and see the internet router from there!!! When it was connected, the video only showed the person disappearing out the front gate so I had no idea what was going on in front of the house.
    Then suddenly a few weeks ago the door bell notification that someone was at the door stopped working and has not worked since. I tried a re set, a total reinstall of the app to no avail.
    Today it is now telling me that I cannot look at any recorded videos.
    I am now removing the device and uninstalling the app and buying a new doorbell as this one is not worth the hassle. It is now in the waste bin.

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