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How To Reset Aiwit Doorbell Camera?

When your Aiwit Doorbell camera encounters offline or malfunction, you can try to reset the Aiwit camera.
Resetting the Aiwit camera can solve some software issues, if it still does not work, then it is recommended to contact your camera support.

Note: Resetting the camera will restore it to factory settings and you will need to reconnect the camera to the Aiwit APP.

Reset Aiwit Video Doorbell

Resetting the Aiwit Video Doorbell is easy, Press and hold the Doorbell button for 8 seconds until the light is flashing red.
Then you need to reconnect the Video Doorbell to the Aiwit APP.

Applicable for those products: T2 , T21 , T23 , N8 , R8/X8 , T8/P8/U8 , V7/V8 , Q8/K8 , F8/M8 , T6 , T9 , V4 , V5 , T3 , T33

Aiwit Reset Voice
Reset Aiwit Video Doorbell

Reset Aiwit Battery camera

Resetting the Aiwit Battery camera is easy, Press and hold the Doorbell button for 8 seconds until the light is flashing red.
Then you need to reconnect the Battery camera to the Aiwit APP.

Applicable for those products: Boston , Paso , R5 , Astro

Reset Aiwit Battery camera

Reset Aiwit Mini camera

Make sure Aiwit Mini camera is powered on. Press the reset button for 5 seconds until the light is flashing red.

Reset Aiwit Mini camera

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Comments 45

  1. Odell says:

    I am so disappointed. Battery charged, wouldn’t connect to WiFi and now it won’t come on at all.

  2. Carolyn says:

    My device has worked for 1 month and it has been in the pairing status for a couple of weeks now. it has been incredibly hard trying to get help with the problem. If anyone out there know how to contact these people please put the info out on the comments so that I can get help. So, at present time this service suck and I give their customer service a ZERO FOR REAL

  3. Peter says:

    Inable to look back! Movements prior I can no see anymore.

  4. Christine Doherty says:

    My vdb keep saying entering pairing mode, can anyone help me.

  5. Patricia Wilson says:

    Same,.keeps saying wrong password or account
    Change password about 30 times

  6. StephenviotA says:

    Hello, after reading this awesome paragraph i am also happy to share my experience here with colleagues.
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  7. Sarah Miles says:

    my v5 unbranded doorbell was linked to my google pixel 6 pro phone via aiwit app and has worked reasonably ok for over a year. Unfortunately my phone got smashed and is no longer usable. I have a new samsung phone but cannot link phone with doorbell. I paid for a years subscription January 1st but obviously cannot access the app on google phone to be able to unlink doorbell. I’ve sent untold emails etc to customer service but they don’t reply. Any idea how I can unlink the doorbell to my old phone so I can link to new phone. Thank you

  8. linda bobbitt says:

    I have only had my doorbell/camera for a couple of months. It works great so far but the problem is the battery runs down very fast. In order to recharge it I have to take the entire front off and that is not easy to do. I guess the old saying goes you get when you pay for.

  9. Donald Trump says:

    Help desk ripp off . Totally unsatisfactory

  10. khalil hemissi says:

    i lost connection so my device decided to stop working i tried to re connect by deleting the app and re install and connection to the wifi but its not working i only got to used it for 4 month only.

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