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How To Reset Aiwit Doorbell Camera?

When your Aiwit Doorbell camera encounters offline or malfunction, you can try to reset the Aiwit camera.
Resetting the Aiwit camera can solve some software issues, if it still does not work, then it is recommended to contact your camera support.

Note: Resetting the camera will restore it to factory settings and you will need to reconnect the camera to the Aiwit APP.

Reset Aiwit Video Doorbell

Resetting the Aiwit Video Doorbell is easy, Press and hold the Doorbell button for 8 seconds until the light is flashing red.
Then you need to reconnect the Video Doorbell to the Aiwit APP.

Applicable for those products: T2 , T21 , T23 , N8 , R8/X8 , T8/P8/U8 , V7/V8 , Q8/K8 , F8/M8 , T6 , T9 , V4 , V5 , T3 , T33

Aiwit Reset Voice
Reset Aiwit Video Doorbell

Reset Aiwit Battery camera

Resetting the Aiwit Battery camera is easy, Press and hold the Doorbell button for 8 seconds until the light is flashing red.
Then you need to reconnect the Battery camera to the Aiwit APP.

Applicable for those products: Boston , Paso , R5 , Astro

Reset Aiwit Battery camera

Reset Aiwit Mini camera

Make sure Aiwit Mini camera is powered on. Press the reset button for 5 seconds until the light is flashing red.

Reset Aiwit Mini camera

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Comments 45

  1. Louis J Foat says:

    Just happened to me too. Was on then wont connect?

  2. Cynthia Brown says:

    Was working. Then bloop the app itself states it can’t connect to network. Makes no sense.

    • Brian Middleton says:

      Mine is doing the same thing I reset everything and it still says not connected to the internet in the app only

  3. Will says:

    After one day of use, it just blinks red. Won’t reset or pair. A complete waste of money. Good price, but product is useless. Don’t waste your time or money.

    • Envy says:

      Exactly! Same thing happened to me and customer service keeps repeating the manual like I don’t have my own copy!

    • Bri B says:

      Mine is doing the same exact thing.

  4. Marilyn says:

    Complete waste of money it’s rings outside but not inside I only know someone is at the door because my phone notification why am I paying for this when it doesn’t work

  5. Dawn Houghton says:

    When I bought this it was a free app to use now it’d totally expensive waist of my money

  6. Mrs Simms says:

    I can’t reset my camera and the red light is not coming on

  7. Carol L Cox says:

    I have switched internet services. How do I reset my aiwit Doorbell camera to the new Wi-Fi Carrier.

  8. Michael Bays says:

    My Aiwit doorbell camera always states its off line. I cant really tell if I’m connected to WiFi or not.

  9. Holli Dykema says:

    These things are garbage. They worked for a whole day. Reset them. Uninstaller and reinstalled. Nothing worked.

  10. They are absolutely horrible I have one of these cameras I had no problem with it bought one for my mom tried to get it to hook up it says router not found. Reached out to outlet app they don’t respond reached out to Amazon they’re absolutely useless I’ve actually gotten rid of my Amazon account now because of this I was hung up on by them and cursed out because they didn’t have a resolution so that’s an appropriate response to dealing with not having a different way to cope. I’m stuck with a $50 paperweight.

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